going to sleep


i need to sleep tbh

white antisjws are like “I totally grew up in a black neighbourhood and i was MUGGED by GANGS every day! it was terrifying!!!” 

you’re all so full of shit 

imagine an au with older ineptus and dei


i love australian news

i am so hyped for hyrule warriors 

 I find it a little troubling that,

when an artist puts out a song and music video that’s offensive in some manner, people don’t hesitate to jump all over that artist for being shitty and problematic


nothing is ever said about the songwriters, the directors of the music videos, the record label that publishes the material that people find offensive, -all the other people who are involved in the process of making these things a reality

i dunno sometimes it feels like people are more interested in talking shit about famous people so they don’t acknowledge all the behind-the-scenes people that contributed 

i was tagged in a thing???

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1. What would you do if you suddenly woke up in the world of your favorite book/movie/tv series? Probably panic, depending on which of my favorites I was in.

if it was pokemon i’d be pretty stoked tho

2. What is/was your most hated school subject?

uuuuuuuh some math related thing I guess

3. Have you ever been to another country?

Not when I’ve been old enough to remember.

4. Would you rather die a hero or live long enough to become the villain?

I’m living as a hero right now

5. Who’s your favorite female character?

is every female character ever a valid choice?

but seriously i can’t make a call like that whoops. there’s way too many out there  

6. Who’s your favorite male character?

This is like the opposite problem. there’s not enough likeable male characters from me to choose from

but probably



7. Would you ever say “I love math! Math makes me so happy, oh my god!” in complete seriousness?


8. Would you become the protag of your favorite book/movie/tv series if it meant you had to live in that world forever and possibly go through what the MC went through?

Hahahah  N o 

9. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

I have some pretty weird dreams. One time I dreamed that i had a kitten made of jelly

and got upset because my brother ate it

10. How do you feel about yelling into the void?

the void is trying to sleep leave it alone

11. Will you join me in my fight against the Skeleton Army? 

But I am the skeleton army

follow me on twitter and validate my existence 

i like this setting already tbh



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leader of the babe squad
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